• Consumers doesn’t need to purchase a newspaper for the manufacture’s coupons.
  • Consumers will know if their store carries the product with coupon before going shopping at their grocery store,
  • Manufacturer products with coupon viewed on the QLN will always have the location of that product with coupon printed on the coupon, and digital coupons will have the location of the product and value of the coupon appearing on their smartphone or their electronic devices.
  • Consumers can select manufacturer’s products with coupon found on QLN and forward those coupons along with their on-line grocery list to their grocery store.
  • Consumers can view or print the various manufacturer products with coupon at their grocery store address they’re going shopping by using their PC computer, smart phone, tablet, or an electronic device.
  • Customers will be notified of the various products with coupon they selected during their last shopping trip are still available to them.
  • Customers will save money and time while shopping at the grocery store.
  • Qpon Locator Network coupon content language is available to the consumer in both English and Spanish, if advertiser desires it to be.