• Consumers can locate their products with coupon within the grocery store faster, because the product with coupon location is printed on the QLN coupon or digitally appears on the customers electronic device.
  • On-line grocery store shoppers can submit advertiser’s promotional product(s) with coupon along with their grocery order.
  • Advertiser can control the number of their product(s) with coupon that are printed per consumer IP address or digitally forwarded to their smartphone or electronic devices during the entire product promotional period of 24 days.
  • Large Data Capture – The 27 Data Numbers enables the advertiser to know what their product with coupon activity at each grocery store in real time is daily.
  • Higher coupon redemption percentage and lower fee per coupon
  • Decrease coupon Fraud.
  • Qpon Locator Network coupon content language is available to the consumer in both English and Spanish, if advertiser desires it to be.