John T. Matthias Owner & His Accomplishments

Inventor, entrepreneur, visionary: John T. Matthias earned these titles with a lengthy and impressive string of successful business ventures and innovations in offering consumers instant gratification.

A combination of business, marketing and advertising expertise led to his creation and success as the owner of the Dodgeville Reminder advertising company for many years. Building on this set of management and promotional skills, he invented the new solution for coupon marketing, the Matthias MoneyBoard. This sophisticated, technology-driven system delivers coupons for desirable brand-name products at the point of purchase in retail stores. His vision in marketing and expertise in consumer buying trends combine to place money and time-savings in the hands of busy consumers.

Inventing tremendously innovative systems comes naturally to Mr. Matthias. His first invention, the Emergency Medical Information Card, was designed to hold a complete medical history, medication record and insurance data to be carried by an individual. When presented to a medical professional, the card provides life-saving details and instantly helps direct a course of treatment, especially in the event of an accident.

Mr. Matthias used his extensive knowledge of coupon promotions to invent the Qpon Locator Network system so consumers can look at manufacturer Coupons 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in the privacy of their home and print the Coupons without needing special software or divulging any personal information. At the same time, the Qpon Locator Network system provides revolutionary marketing and financial controls benefits including several reports streamed to manufacturers and retailers real time.

Accomplishments to Date

  • 1963 – Mr. Matthias owned The Dodgeville Reminder, (advertises /shoppers) weekly publication for 18 years in Dodgeville, WI.
  • 1964 – Received a Business/Marketing Degree from the Madison Vocational School located in Madison, WI.
  • 1965 – Joined the Iowa County Ambulance squad for 18 years and received training to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), later a Para-Medic.
  • 1966 – Joined the Dodgeville Fire Department for 14 years.
  • 1967 – Develop an Emergency Medical Information Card (EMIC) that identified the carrier of card health insurance and medical information. (In today’s world this information is being place on internet by the Doctor’s office).
  • 1968 – Develop a system for businesses to identify a good check writer, which would reduce merchants handling so many insufficient checks being return. (This idea was taken over by the banking system with debit cards.)
  • 1976 – Received my Physician’s Assistant License from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, located in Madison, Wisconsin. I practiced for 5 years.
  • 1984 – Developed advertising marketing material for large corporations that were inserted in Sunday Newspapers.
  • 1989 – Developed a software program for IBM Corporations to assist hospitals and clinics to identify the primary and secondary payer on a health insurance claim.
  • 1996 – Developed the MoneyBoard concept and did my own marketing research on manufacturers, grocery stores and consumers.
  • 1999 – Tested the first MoneyBoard at the Cub Foods, located in Woodbury,
  • 2001– Tested the updated MoneyBoard in the Cub Foods, locate in Woodbury, MN.
  • 2006 – Experience a hostile takeover of the Matthias MoneyBoard Business by Private Investors. Later in that same year the private investors file for bankruptcy and the Matthias MoneyBoard, Inc. with its patents were returned to the original owner John T. Matthias.
  • 2007 – Purchase the domain name “QPON” from a private party for one percentage of the Qpon Locator business.
  • 2008 – Started over developing the Qpon Locator business using high technology for the advertisers, grocery stores and consumers.
  • 2011 – Changed the name “Qpon Locator, Inc.” to Qpon Locator Network, Inc.
  • 2012 – Re-wrote the Qpon Locator Network, Inc. Business plan including the coupon industry was changing due to the high technology of computers and cell phones, etc.
  • 2013 – In June, I move the Qpon Locator Network, Inc. form Woodbury, MN to Scottsdale, AZ, because of the warmer climate, larger class “A” office buildings and the availability of people to work for QLN.
  • 2014 to 2018 – Qpon Locator Network, Inc. has made additional changes because of the smartphones and other electronic devices, what advertisers are demanding to know the activity of their product with coupon in each grocery store that displays their product with coupon in real time.
  • 2018 – John T. Matthias has a United States Patent Pending on the“Coupon-Based Product Location System and Method”.
  • 2019 – The Qpon Locator Network, Inc., will be launched in the second quarter of 2019 in the 12 Western States which will involve 9,635 large grocery stores.

Qpon Locator Network has a
United States Patent Pending
on the “Coupon-Based Product
Location System and Method”.